The Dental Smile Centre clinic in Bolton is more than a simple dental clinic. We offer a full range of oral surgery and periodontal surgical procedures right in our dental clinic. Our clinic features advanced technology, providing extremely fast and painless surgical procedures.


Our priority is your comfort, and we communicate every step of the oral surgery procedure with you for your relaxation and comfort; we offer the choice of Nitrous oxide, together with local anesthesia.

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Teeth Extraction may be required for any of the following reasons:

  1. Decayed or broken teeth which cannot be restored.
  2. Periodontal disease (pyorrhea), which has caused the teeth to become loose.
  3. Fracture of teeth due to facial trauma.
  4. Infection of the teeth or bone, which other methods cannot treat.
  5. Poor positioning or crowding of teeth, including impacted wisdom teeth and extractions for orthodontic purposes.

To ensure patients are comfortable during oral surgery procedures, we have several techniques, including local anesthesia, Nitrous Oxide Sedation (Laughing Gas), and oral sedation, which can also be combined with nitrous oxide.

During the initial examination, with the aid of appropriate radiographs, we will discuss oral surgery treatment and anesthetic options. Pre and post-operative instructions will be reviewed, and medical history and current medications will also be discussed. Some drugs, such as those for blood pressure, sometimes require being altered with the patient’s medical doctor’s consent and supervision.

Download and Read: 

  • Simple tooth extraction, post-op instructions
  • Multiple teeth extraction, post-op instructions
  • Impacted wisdom teeth extractions, pre and post instructions

There is always stress and anxiety when it comes to having oral surgery. The dentists and staff at The Dental Smile Centre understand patients’ nervousness and fear surrounding these visits. Several different sedation procedures are offered if needed, ensuring that the best treatment rendered comes along with ease and comfort during each and every oral surgery procedure.