Six Month Smiles – At The Dental Smile Centre in Bolton; one of the most rewarding parts of our services is providing services for all. When innovations happen in dentistry, particularly those aimed at making it accessible, we try to offer this service as soon as possible.

6 Month Smiles” is an innovative way of providing the effect of orthodontic braces with the convenience of Invisalign.

This quick, easy, and affordable treatment is aimed at adults, and we believe that it might offer an alternative to the costs and time required to have conventional orthodontic braces.

What Exactly Is Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is a program that offers a flexible approach to cosmetic correction of teeth visible when smiling. 

What you need to know about Six Month Smiles:

  • It is suitable for most adults (anyone over the age of 16 is eligible for a consultation)
  • This treatment focuses on cosmetic aesthetics rather than braces that change your bite.
  • Because it is primarily for aesthetics, it is relatively gentle on your teeth.
  • Offers a streamlined assessment from the producers of Six Month Smiles that include patient tray kits to make appointments quicker
  • It is cheaper than conventional braces and much faster.
  • The focus on appearance has led to a clear wire and bracket for the short-term braces, making them hardly noticeable

Reasons You Might Seriously Consider Six-Month Smiles as your Orthodontic treatment:

  • Free consultation and assessment for Six Month Smiles at The Dental Smile Centre in Bolton.
  • The relatively low cost of this treatment (we will work to fit your budget and circumstances).
  • A more specific alternative to other treatments (Six Month Smiles VS Invisalign).
  • Excellent six month smile reviews.