In office full service Dental Laboratory

Unlike most dental offices, we, at the Dental Smile Centre, have our own Onsite Full Service Dental Laboratory which allows us to provide services in a timely manner. 

This simply translates into the following advantages to our patients: 

Quality Control– since there is a laboratory in the dental office, our dentists will be able to oversee each and every step of the process of creating your dental appliance. This means that they can communicate in-depth with the laboratory technician to ensure that they precisely and accurately customize your restoration using high-end, top-quality materials and leading-edge dental technology.

Custom Treatment– having laboratory technicians on-site also means that they can speak directly with you to ensure that your dental restoration or appliance’s direction, color, size, and shape are to your satisfaction. This ensures that you won’t have to continuously get refitted by your dentist and that your appliance will fit perfectly from the very beginning.

Aesthetics– your smile is a central part of your overall appearance, and having a beautiful smile is important for your confidence. Laboratory technicians have the skills and techniques to ensure that you get a dental restoration that blends in seamlessly with your smile. It is much more difficult for a technician to deliver a beautiful restoration if they are unable to evaluate your mouth themselves. Having an on-site laboratory means that this won’t be an issue.

Convenience– not only does our on-site dental laboratory ensure that you don’t have to wait several weeks for your dental appliance, but you also won’t have to worry about finding the time to make multiple visits to our dental office for fittings and adjustments. You also won’t have to wear temporary crowns, dentures, or bridges while waiting for your permanent appliance because it will be given to you immediately- in some cases! Time is just as important as functionality. 

Our Onsite dental lab is equipped with the latest in dental technology.